Monday, January 16, 2012

Wolf: The Journey Home

 In this fictionalized account of real events, a female wolf named Marta, along with her young family, sets out on an epic journey to return to their home hunting grounds in Montana after they are mistakenly relocated by a group of naturalists. Told believably from Marta’s point of view, the story takes the reader deep into a wolf's world, as Marta's determination to protect her pups and find their way home takes her on adventures that are by turns heart warming, perilous, and ultimately tragic.

This isn't a happy story so if your looking for a touchy, feely book about wolves skip this one. Unlike Julie of the Wolves in which most of the wolves have a happy ending almost none of these wolves do. Our wolf family gets shot, injured, hit by cars, starves to death, and put down for preying on livestock. But some how this book is still good. We bond with our wolves, we cheer when they make a kill, and we want to cry when something happens to one of them. So if you are welling to deal with all that and more this is the wolf book for you.

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